News about Dogs!

1:Physical Run🐾 

Dogs need at least one long run everyday, and playing, barking actively in also necessary for them. You need to bring your dog out everyday, to let them exercise and befriend with other dogs. Why is it that there is no sweat on the creature’s body? Well, if you were the one who brought the animal down for a walk, you may notice the tongue of your dog sticking out. This method is called panting, a way to cool their body down after physical activities. Under a microscope 🔬, or if you look closely, small bits of white “saliva” could be seen. Actually, those ARE sweat. Make sure that your puppy rests and have enough sleep time. 

2:Grooming Tips 🪒

We all know that a dog needs to be groomed and cleaned. But how? Follow the steps below:   Ingredients- a pet-grooming brush, a bottle of Perfume and Flea Liquid, some eye drop and ear drop, ear-cleaning wool and a (pet nail cutter - optional)

• brush (make sure that it is hard enough to comb all his extra-layered fur coat)

• Spray Perfume (every 10 cm)

• Spray Flea Liquid (every five cm away from the perfume)

• Eye drop (only one drop in each eye)

• Ear cleaning (Squeeze solution and then dig up all ear wax using the ear wool)

• Brush off the ears, nose, tail and legs of the dog gently

• Cut his nails to any required level (Optional)

3:Food & Allergies 🦴

As we all know, a dog’s favourite food is meat🥩, but too much of it will cause the dog to have hyperkalemia, which means high levels of potassium in the blood. A diet rich in protein causes acidosis.