Tulip and Rosa (Retold Interesting Stories)


A just born flower deer is small and weak & was about to face butchering from Scarlett’s father, Mr.Silver but Scarlett stopped him, raised it and named her Tulip. Mr.Silver then gives Tulip her very own den and treats her like a powerful unicorn but still wants to slaughter her at Christmastime. She met a Painted Bunting called Rosa, who then told Tulip to try to escape the den but fails. Rosa then saves her life by replacing the words on the banner. With the help of Rosa, Tulip became famous and the country opened a huge Nature Fair to welcome her. After that, Tulip and Rosa returns to the deer den where Rosa began to lay her eggs. Mr.Silver also no longer wants to kill Tulip, and would keep her as long as she lives. 

Chapter 1-Scarlett stops her father from killing the flower deer, raises her for a month and named her Tulip (A Reward for Saving a Life)

Chapter 2-Mr.Silver gives Tulip her very own den after a month and treats her like a powerful unicorn but still has the heart to butcher her (A New Cozy Home)

Chapter 3-Tulip knows about Mr.Silver’s plot and gets scared; and on that very same night she heard someone talking to her (A Dream in Reality)

Chapter 4-Tulip found her friend the next morning; she was a bunting called Rosa (A True Friend)

Chapter 5-After hearing her story, Rosa decides to help Tulip; Tulip pushes a board loose and tries to escapes her den but failed (An Attempt for Freedom)

Chapter 6-Rosa decides to fool Mr.Silver; she replaces the banner’s words with the words “Amazing Star”and teaches Tulip to act like one so Mr.Silver would think that Tulip was no ordinary flower deer (A Magical Idea) 

Chapter 7-Tulip soon became famous and many people came to Mr.Silver’s farm to see her (Widespread News)

Chapter 8-People got bored of the words “Amazing Star”; so Rosa held a meeting among the animals and replaced the banner’s words with “Miracle Champion”, and told Tulip to prove it to people (A New Source of Magic) 

Chapter 9-People got bored of “Miracle Champion” too; so Rosa replaced the banner with  another two words “Radiant Beauty”and instructed Tulip to shine and smile with pride and do everything gracefully (A Sudden Change)

Chapter 10-The country decides to open a Nature Fair to welcome Tulip(A Place of Attraction)

Chapter 11-Mr.Silver then brings Tulip and Rosa back to the farm where Rosa lays her eggs; he no longer wants to kill Tulip, and would keep her as long as she lives (Back to Safety)

Imitated from:

Charlotte’s Web 


• Tulip

• Rosa

• Scarlett

• Mr.Silver, Scarlett’s father

• Mrs.Silver, Scarlett’s mother 

• Horses 

• Geese 

• Johnathon, the farmworker

• Micheal, Scarlett’s brother

• Sheep

• Pigs

• Chickens

• lambs

• Goslings 

• Cows 

• Goats         

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Classic must read children story books 


A Reward for Saving a Life

“Where is dad going with that axe?”asked Scarlett to her mother as Mr.Silver, her father ate two slices of toast and drank his coffee, then walked towards the deer den in the farm with an axe in his hand.  “Thirteen flower fawns have just been born. They were all fit except for one. She is not only the smallest but the weakest of all, so your father has decided to do away with it,”replied Mrs.Silver, Scarlett’s mother. 

“You mean kill it?!”cried Scarlett, enraged. “No way! How could he kill a just born fawn  because she is weak? It’s unfair!” “Calm down, Scarlett. It’s just a fawn,”said her mother calmly. “I can’t! Oh my goodness, this is real injustice!”yelled Scarlett, who then ran outside and chased her father. 

The grass was still wet from the storm last night and the air smelled of fresh spring. But Scarlett, despite the sweet scent that filled the air, did not stop running. She raced across the grass as fast as she could and so it did not take her long to catch up with her father. “Stop!”screamed Scarlett. “Stop it!”

Mr.Silver halted. He turned around and saw Scarlett.  “Don’t kill it!”shouted Scarlett, tearfully. “Oh, Scarlett. You know it’s weak. It’ll bring trouble to the farm,”explained Mr.Silver. “But it’s unfair! A little fawn can’t help being born small. It has a whole life ahead of it. It’s injustice. So please don’t kill it,”pleaded Scarlett, still clutching the axe. 

Mr.Silver sighed. He knew he could not stop his daughter’s determination. “Oh, alright then,”said Scarlett’s father. “I’ll bring that little deer to you. Go back and wait for me, then you’ll see what trouble she will bring.” 

Scarlett finally let go of the axe and smiled. Taking one last look at the axe in her father’s hand, she went back to the house and told her mother and brother the good news. “I managed to save the fawn from death after all,”cheered Scarlett. 

Just then, Mr.Silver appeared. In his hands was a cute-looking fawn. Its eyes were twinkling softly. There were beautiful, pink and white patterns on its body. “Here you go,”he said, handing Scarlett the young flower deer. “Oh my, just look at its cute eyes! She’s adorable. She’s such a innocent little flower fawn,”remarked Scarlett. “How come she gets a deer when she already has a Shiba Inu and a Japanese Bobtail?”complained Micheal, Scarlett’s brother, jealously.“I don’t even have a pet. Can I also have a deer, please, dad?” 

“Well, not now. Scarlett fought for injustice this morning and earned a deer. I don’t have any other animals that are weak and troublesome to the farm at the moment, so you’ll have to wait,”explained Mr.Silver. 

Mrs.Silver got up from her chair. “Ok, Scarlett and Micheal, time for your morning walk,”she said. “Go wear your sneakers.” “Can I bring the flower deer along, please mom?”asked Scarlett. “Since you are going to our private garden for a walk, you may bring her along. Just make sure she doesn’t get herself tangled up in the ivy and creepers,”reminded Scarlett’s mother. 

Once they were in the garden, Micheal groaned, annoyed. “Stop it, Micheal. Stop the groaning. You know it’s annoying,”said Scarlett. “It’s not fair,”grumbled Micheal. “I want a pet.” “Then you’ll have to prove it,”said Scarlett, patting the flower fawn. “Right, Tulip?” 

“Who’s Tulip?”demanded Micheal. “The fawn’s name,”replied Scarlett. “I just thought of it.” Micheal glared coldly at his sister. Then he snapped and changed the topic. “Alright. Time to go. It’s ten now.” 

And so they walked back to the house. “I didn’t expect you to be home by ten o’clock sharp,”said Mrs.Silver gladly when they arrived. “Yeah. We were just discussing to built a home for the flower fawn,”said Mr.Silver. “She’s Tulip,”repeated Scarlett. “Tulip?”said Scarlett’s mother. “That’s a nice name.” 

“Can we help to build the home?”asked Micheal, hopefully. “Alright,”answered Micheal’s father. “Go get some wooden planks. I’ll go get the hammer, pins and nails.” “Honey,”said Mrs.Silver,“you know we’ll need more than that. I’ll get the bucket, straw and hay. Oh yes, and Johnathon!”

In a split second Johnathon was standing before Mrs.Silver. He was their farmworker. “We are building a small yard for this little fawn. Her name is Tulip, alright. Get a tub filled with cold water. Give this deer a proper bath.”  

And so they went. Mr and Mrs.Silver went to get a hammer, pins, nails, trough, straw and hay. Johnathon, the farmworker, went to fill a tub with cold water. Scarlett and Micheal went to get wooden planks. They met in front of the farm.  

“Now,”instructed Mr.Silver,“Johnathon, wash the fawn clean.” The farmworker took Tulip from Scarlett and started to scrub him gently. “Let’s get nailing,”added Scarlett’s father, and Micheal, who was carrying more planks than Scarlett, threw all of them on the floor. So did Scarlett. 

They watched as Mr.Silver nailed the boards together and formed a really tiny fence with just a bucket and a pile of hay and straw inside. “She doesn’t always have to stay inside,”Mrs.Silver explained, when seeing Scarlett’s mouth opening to speak.“She can roam about in the garden and in our house, but she must be in there by nighttime.” Scarlett heaved a sigh of relief. 

And so, in the following days, Scarlett and Micheal had to go to school. There was no time for morning walks, but before she went, Scarlett would feed Tulip warm milk using a milk bottle and cuddle her in her arms. 

Then, when she was on the school bus, Scarlett would look at Tulip, and Tulip would also watch her until the bus went out of sight. In the mean time when Scarlett was not at home, the little fawn would curl herself up in her yard, and wait. 

Scarlett, too, missed Tulip dearly while she was in school, and kept thinking about her. Then suddenly the teacher asked, “Scarlett, please give an example of a non-flowering plant.” “Tulip,”replied the little girl, dreamily. All the students laughed and the teacher gave her a harsh look.

When Scarlett and Micheal got home, their mother would nag at them for them to go for their afternoon walk. Scarlett would then bring Tulip along, and sometimes Tulip would get tired, so Scarlett held her in her hands like a baby. In the evening too…Scarlett brought Tulip with her for her evening walk, but the fawn was sleeping at times, so Scarlett just picked her up gently and took her out. 


A New Cozy Home 

This kept going on for weeks. Until a month later, Mr.Silver said that Tulip could no longer stay in her tiny fence. He said that she had grown and needed to move to a bigger den in the farm. “But she has to have her own den or she’ll be a troublesome one to handle,”reminded Scarlett’s father. 

So, when Scarlett and Micheal had gone to school as usual, Mr.Silver, Mrs.Silver and Johnathon worked on building a brand new den for Tulip. It was made of multicoloured planks and consisted of a bucket, a pile of straw and hay, and a showering tub. The den’s floor was covered with green grass, pretty flowers, and some lush bushes. There was also a little pond for Tulip’s everyday shower, as the showering tub was only used to wash the flower deer on special occasions. Mr.Silver also built a small camouflaging door which was hidden among the fence. 

Scarlett saw this when she came home, and thought that it could be better. So, she drew a banner that said, “Tulip, the World’s Best Flower Deer!” and used super glue to attach it to Tulip’s yard.