The Adventure of Melody Rainbow (Retold Interesting Stories)


Melody Rainbow flys to Springtopia city where she met a human friend named Barbie Blossom. She lets Melody stay with her for the weekends and takes her to her swimming lesson. Then, Barbie brings Melody to Tropical Primary School where Ms.Lilac teaches her to read and write. Barbie’s father then hires Melody to row canoes for people and offers her thirty dollars each time she rows a canoe. Melody went to stay with Barbie in PinkWorld hotel for a week and returns to her family with her new found ability - read & write.   

Chapter 1-Melody flies into another forest and stays there for a night (A Morning of Discovery)

Chapter 2-It rains heavily and Melody used a leaf as a shelter and flies to Springtopia city but fainted halfway (The Stubborn Rain)  

Chapter 3-Melody finds herself in a house and made a good friend called Barbie and stays with her for the weekends; they went to Barbie’s swimming lesson together (A New Friend)

Chapter 4-Melody and Barbie went to Barbie’s swimming lesson together (The Ocean Playground)

Chapter 5-Melody goes to Tropical Primary School with Barbie where Ms.Lilac teaches her to read and write (A Day of Learning) 

Chapter 6-Melody was hired by Barbie’s father to row canoes for people and earns thirty dollars each time she rows one (A Waterway Job)

Chapter 7-Melody stays with Barbie in PinkWorld hotel for a week (A Crazy Pink Week)

Chapter 8-Melody Returns Home (Home Sweet Home)

Imitated from:

Chapter 1-6=The Trumpet of the Swan 

Chapter 7=The Great Wizard of Oz  

Main Character- Melody 

Other Books:


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• Retold Interesting Stories 

1. The Adventure of Melody Rainbow ✅

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For ages:


Classic must read children story books


                  A Morning of  Discovery

As the rooster crowed, the peahen awoke. She gave a quick morning yawn and gazed out of  her nature cave. The sun was still shining brightly in the sky and countless lush trees stood out among the green grass on the ground. It had been as if she had quite a good sleep last night. The peahen then looked back and called her husband up. The peacock rubbed his left eye with his left claw and yawned sleepily with his right eye and right claw like he always did. His wife was not surprised as it was his daily habit. 

“Good morning, darling,”greeted the peacock in a sleepy voice. He raised his neck gracefully and stretched it.“Good morning to you, too,”said the peahen, smoothing her feathers. “Wake up. We need to prepare breakfast.” “You go ahead,”yawned the peacock. “I’ll be there in a minute.” The peahen sighed slightly and shook her head. She then got out of bed and headed to the pond for a quick wash. After that, she went down the greenway to make breakfast. 

Once in the Meal Peroration Room, the peahen unhooked an apron she had hung on the rocky wall and hung it around her neck. She looked in the huge pink-and-white food basket for some strawberries, cherries, apples, oranges, cereal, orange juice and milk. She also took several loafs of dried-fruit bread. The peahen planned to have those for breakfast. 

At the same time, the peacock appeared, his colourful feathers dazzling behind him. Seeing his wife busy in the kitchen, the peacock wanted to do something useful too. Understanding his intentions, the peahen gave him some advice.“You should go see if the kids have woke up yet.” The peacock nodded.  

Listening to the peahen, the peacock to his kids’ side. He carefully watched them. There, on the soft green moss, laid five beautiful little peacocks and peahens. They all slept in a nice position, and circled the warm fire that the peacock extinguished a while ago. 

The father smiled. He went over to his children and chanted a poem that would wake them up:

The birdies have chirped, 

and the clock has sang. 

‘Delicious cereal, waiting for you!’

Even the chickens agree.

‘Wake up now, it’s time for fun!’

The alarm went off, 

echoing games. 

Right after the poem was read, the pretty peachicks woke up one by one, starting with the oldest and ending with the youngest. Seeing their father, all the peachicks greeted him in an adorable tone. The peacock was happy. He told them to smoothen their feathers and come down for breakfast. 

Melody was the fastest in morning responsibilities. She was also the youngest and needed more sleep. So, as fast as possible, Melody raced to her “Morning Column” and took red and pink roses to decorate her feathers. She then used a flower petal to polish her dazzling tail, dipped her face in the small pond of water in her cave and stretched her neck like a graceful peahen. 

After waiting for her four other brothers and sisters to get ready, Melody stood in front of the group as she was the leader. They walked down the green hall, chatting as they went. 

When they reached the dining center, breakfast was already on the little chop-down tree. Each peachick was given a bowl of fruit cereal mixed with some milk and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice by their side. The peacock and the peahen, however, had two loafs of dried-fruit bread each and a glass of milk for their meal. The fruits taken out by the peahen earlier was placed in the middle on a big tree bark where everyone could share. 

The meal was consumed happily. The seven peacocks talked and laughed. “Mom, can we go out to play with our friends later please?”asked one of Melody’s sister, as she sipped her orange juice deliciously. “The weather looks quite nice today, so you may do as you please, as long as you get back for lunch,”assured the mother. “But do watch out for foxes, honey badgers and hyenas,”warned the peacock. He munched on his dried-fruit bread like a chipmunk. 

The mischievous peachicks smiled slyly. Catching that beam, the peacock quickly gave a reminder. “It’s for your own safety. We will allow you to run and jump and play in any way you like, but you certainly don’t want to be the creature’s next meal, do you?” “No!”chorused the chicks. 

As promised, after the peacocks finished their food, they went out into the tree garden to play. They swam with the swans in the crystal clear lake and compared their feathers’ beauty to other peacocks. 

Melody was not engaged in those games. Instead, she preferred exploring the world beyond her. She tried to see far away but it wasn’t a clear view. She sighed and picked some fruit from a apple tree to munch on.

Melody had grown up in a peacock family, and she was really extraordinarily magical. Her feathers, instead of brown ones like her mother, was a wonderful rainbow colour. As a result, she was always mistaken for a peacock. However, Melody also had a glittering pink neck that made her really different from everyone.

Like her name, Melody was born with an enchanting voice. It had been such that whenever she sang, her song attracted birds and butterflies. Melody was extremely talented too. She could fly as high as the clouds and didn’t had to flap her wings many times. She had never lost in any competition before either and was chosen to be the leader of the forest.

Melody watched as her brothers and sisters played. Her siblings offered her to play with them. However, Melody kindly refused. She looked again and the midst far away. Just when she was about to go back to her cave, a risky thought sprang through her mind. “Why not go beyond this forest, and into the world out there? I’ll learn to read and write at what they call a school, perhaps, and then come back home with my new knowledge? And I should really get a job after that. At last I’ll stay at a hotel, that is, provided that they allow me to stay, or I’ll have to sleep on the grass.”

Melody thought again. She’ll have to leave for a year if she did that, and her parents might become very worried about her. But the thought inspired Melody so much that she soon spread out her multicoloured wings and took off into the air, looking like a little rainbow beam in the sky. She had decided to skip lunch and dinner.

After flying for a long long long time, Melody then realised that it would take her days even if she flew at full speed, and that it was almost night time. The road ahead was dark too, and the only light left was the moon and some stars. With no other choice, Melody had to make a flight to the ground. 

With her talent, Melody quickly made a big nest that suited herself made of the leaves of trees and the softest flower petals in the area, and it was protected by a wall of sticks. Melody placed in high up in a tree where it would be safe from predators and bad weather. Then she used cotton from some cotton plants to form a blanket, and dived right into this little bed she created from nature, and slept cozily until morning. 


                                                       The Stubborn Rain 

The next morning, Melody awoke with a shock. She heard the sound of heavy rain and looked up. She was dismayed to see that it was raining. Good thing she sheltered herself, and could keep herself safe and dry. But the problem now was how was she going to continue her journey like this? 

Even though Melody was a pretty wise peacock, but in this rain, she could not think of a better solution. “I wish nature was not so stubborn,”Melody muttered to herself. She now wished to become a phoenix with magic and make a shield while flying. 

Suddenly, a thought drifted through Melody’s head. Why not just take a big leaf from a tree and use it as an umbrella? It took her some time to find a leaf big enough to shelter herself. Finally, it was found. 

Clutching the the long stem, Melody flew off without even having breakfast. She flew and flew and flew and flew. She crossed mountains after mountains, forest after forest, and lakes after lakes. 

At last, she reached a garden city where she sighted many people walking on the green streets and holding umbrellas. There were also some people who didn’t have umbrellas, and they ran with newspapers over their heads. 

Melody looked around for a spot. She flew down and walked in the rain, following the crowd. Many people noticed her and soon, Melody was surrounded with people who looked at her curiously. A little girl even snapped a shot of Melody. A little boy squealed and danced around furiously like a wild creature but no one cared. They were too busy staring at the bird with disbelief. 

Melody felt embarrassed. As quick as you could blink your eyes, she charged into the air and vanished among the clouds. However, Melody was exhausted. The rain had stopped, but she started flying slower. She had even dropped the leaf she held in her beak previously. Melody wandered through the clouds and sang. Her voice attracted swans, pheasants and butterflies. They came to her and Melody confided with them about her problems. “Don’t worry, Melody. You’ll be fine! You’re so powerful!”encouraged one of the swans. “But I…feel a bit dizzy,”stammered Melody. 

Melody told the animals to leave politely. She suddenly felt more dizzy than ever, and she thought that perhaps it was just because she had skipped three meals already. The last meal she ate was when she was still at home, and her parents made breakfast for her. 

When she was about to carry on her adventure, Melody suddenly felt like sleeping and she didn’t know when or how, but she fainted and fell down from the sky with a loud, big thump. 


A New Friend

When Melody awoke, she found herself lying on a pile of straw and hay. She was in a horse barn. Though it felt pretty comfy, Melody was alarmed. Perhaps she had fallen into the pile by accident, or perhaps someone with a good heart had taken her here to warm and dry her.

Whatever it was, Melody needed to escape. If she didn’t, the owner of the horse barn might raise her and sell her to other people.

Suddenly, the barn opened. Melody was ready with an explanation-that is, if the person that opened the door didn’t expect her to be there. But if the person expected her to be in the barn, she would try as far as possible to escape. 

But who walked into the barn surprised Melody. It was a little girl, and from Melody’s view she was about eight to nine years old, and in her hand held a bucket of berries, vegetables, fruits and grains. 

“Oh, you’ve woken up! Little peacock, I found you lying on the streets, motionless. I hope you like it in here. Eat something and recover from starve,”said the girl in a concerning tone, placing the bucket on the floor. “You are a peacock, so you wouldn’t understand if I introduce myself. Wait till I bring you to Tropical Primary School, where you learn to read and write will I introduce myself and tell you where you are. You are a very clever and beautiful peacock, and you are a girl. You’re unusual!” 

Melody gobbled down all the food quickly, and she left no leftovers. How did that girl know she was starving and that she was a girl? Melody sensed it. Okay, she thought. This girl’s mother is a vet herself and she herself loved animals and have been researching about them lately.

Seeing Melody finishing the meal she gave her, the little girl beamed happily. “Stay with us for the weekends. I will bring you to Tropical Primary School on Monday,”planned the girl. 

She was just talking to Melody when a call shouted from behind them, “Barbie! Are you ready yet? Your swimming class starts in an hour and you take fifty-five minutes to walk there. Then you still need to change! That’s another five minutes gone.”

“Fine, I confess that I am Barbie Blossom, that’s my name. Anyways, that’s my mother. I’m having swimming a class at four. It’s three now,”said Barbie. “Would you like to come along?” Now Melody was excellent at swimming, and she knew that a swimming class was just a teacher teaching them to swim. However, Barbie sounded so hopeful that she had to agree. 

Just then, Melody caught sight of a woman. She had long, blonde curly hair, a sharp chin, a radiant smile, a high nose, and was wearing a dress that was pink and yellow. Melody guessed that that was Barbie’s mother.

“Oh, so you’ve woken? Well okay, but Barbie has a one hour swimming lesson. You, little peacock, can stay home with me and wait for her,”said Barbie’s mother, Mrs.Blossom in a sharp voice. “But I want to bring her along, mother,”objected Barbie, getting a little upset. Mrs.Blossom sighed. “Now, darling,”explained Barbie’s mother,“I know that you are happy and want to bring our peacock along with you, but your coach might not agree. Further more, the security guard might ask you to leave her outside, and you know you can’t bring a peacock up the bus.”  “Please, mother? Just this once, I promise,”pleaded Barbie. Seeing her determination, Barbie’s mother couldn’t refuse. “Fine,”Mrs.Blossom rolled her eyes.“But just this very once.” “Yes, I know it!”cried Barbie, her eyes sparkling with excitement. 

After Barbie packed her swim bag and wore her shoes, they went. Melody waited patiently for Barbie. They then said goodbye to Barbie’s mother and left. 

It was a twenty-minute walk from Barbie’s house to the neighbourhood’s bus stop. Many people looked at Melody with curiosity. Melody walked and flew, walked and flew, walked and flew. She flew across the roads and walked across the streets. 

When they arrived at the bus stop, Barbie sat down on the long seats. Melody stared at the boards in confusion. She longed to understand what the signs meant. “The bus is here!”Melody heard Barbie call out to her.

Melody raced into the bus. But just as she set foot on the step, the bus driver stopped her. He looked at Barbie, furious. “Little girl,”screamed the bus driver. All the people in the bus watched Barbie, their eyes wide with annoyance. “Stop there,”said Barbie. “I know what your gonna say. But please, just this once? I swear, just this very once? I beg you. She wouldn’t mess up the bus, I really promise.” 

“No,”said the bus driver in a sharp, angry tone. “How can I trust you to say that? What happens if this peacock mess things up? This is a public bus, not a private one!” “I’ll pay you extra twenty dollars, ok? Or thirty, you can decide,”pleaded Barbie, her eyes full of hope. 

“I’ve got people to bring to the next bus stop. I can’t possibly stay here the whole day!”complained the driver. “Besides, the air conditioner in flowing out!” “I’ll help you drive the bus,”begged Barbie. “No way,”cried the driver, now showing a bit of understanding. “You can’t drive. So fine, provided that you pay extra ten dollars.” “Oh yes, yes I will!”cried Barbie, as she tapped her bus card on the machine once again. “And it’s another ten if that peacock messes up the bus,”reminded the bus driver. “Yes, I know it!”Barbie ran up the bus, and Melody followed. She plucked some of her colourful feathers from her body and gave it to the bus driver as payment. 

The bus driver was surprised. He did not expect the gift. This peacock is so queer, he thought as he drove. It seem like it understood everything. It even stood behind that little girl before I agreed to let it in. 

Melody laid down on the floor beside Barbie