Friendship is Magic (The Magic World)


Name:Melody  Daffodil 💐                                                             Name:Sunshine Jewel

Realm:Spring                                                                             Realm:Summer

Personality:Friendly, Unique & Brave                                Personality:Proud & Loyal

Passion:Fashion & Nature                                     Passion(like):Music & Shiny things

Power:Nature, Love & Friendship                                 Power:Sunbeam & Happiness

Nation Colour:Rainbow                                   Nation Colour:Gold, Orange, Red, Yellow

Name:Silver Starlight                                                         Name:Snowflake Sugar❄️

Realm:Autumn                                                                      Realm:Winter

Personality:Shy, Sweet & Humble                   Personality:Joyful & Sincere

Passion(like):Sweet Bright things                           Passion:Snowflake-Catch

Power:Sweetness & Light                                Power:Breeze & Ice, Snow

Nation Colour:Gold, Pink, Silver              Nation Colour:Blue, Purple, White, Silver                                                         & Indigo  



          A Sudden Announcement 

The glorious sun shone brightly through the glass windows of  Rainbow Tower. A gentle breeze surrounded the beautiful gardens, and fluffy white clouds swirled above. The colourful flowers swayed naturally in the refreshing wind. The flowing rivers were making their way to the ocean, with different types of fish swimming freely.

“Wow!”exclaimed Sunshine, walking out of the Science Laboratory. “I didn’t know that Popcid  solution could make a loud bang when in touch with salt solution!” “It’s common knowledge,” Snowflake sounded a little annoyed when replying, but soon frowned. “We learned it during Chemistry lesson. Weren’t you listening?” Sunshine shrugged her shoulders, then suddenly burst into laughter. She ran upstairs and dashed into the dormitory, where Melody was still braiding her long, rainbow mane and Silver was doing her physics homework, with a mountain of work beside her.

“Watch it, will you?”Melody looked at Sunshine with annoyance. Silver’s work all fell on the floor. But she was too shy to chide Sunshine. Instead, she lowered her head and picked up the books.